American Chem-Dry is the premier carpet cleaner in Round Rock, Austin and surrounding areas for your residential home as well as business and commercial needs. For more than 30 years, Chem-Dry, the largest, most trusted carpet cleaner in the world, has harnessed the power of carbonated solutions to clean carpet and fabrics with amazing effectiveness.

American Chem-Dry Keeps Your Carpet Cleaner Longer

Chem-Dry is a revolutionary carpet cleaner in Round Rock that uses carbonation and ingredients copied from Mother Nature, to make your carpets fresh and clean again. The exclusive Chem-Dry process generates natural carbonation to produce millions of tiny effervescent bubbles, which penetrate the carpet fiber, dissolve dirt and stains quickly, and act as tiny propellants that actually lift dirt to the surface for extraction. With the Chem-Dry system, stubborn spots and stains simply disappear. Carpets take only one to two hours to dry and, because there are no dirt-attracting residues left behind, your carpets stay cleaner longer.

American Chem-Dry is Green Certified

Your carpets will be gently cleaned with an amazing product called “The Natural”. The Natural is an innovative combination of totally safe and effective ingredients. Cleaning with The Natural is like giving your carpets a refreshing mineral water bath! Unlike other carpet cleaning products, The Natural contains No soaps, detergents, surfactants, organic solvents, enzymes, optical brighteners, bleaches, phosphates, petroleum-based materials, thickeners, fragrances, artificial colors, and plastics.

Carpeting is a crucial part of your indoor environment. You would not add soaps, detergents, phosphates, or other harsh chemicals to our air, lakes, streams, or forests, so why add them to your carpet? When you choose American Chem-Dry to be your carpet cleaner, you can let your baby crawl on the floor with complete assurance that safety, purity, and gentleness were the guidelines leading to the development of The Natural.
Cleaning your carpet, The Natural way, will dissolve most spots and stains, but sometimes nasty drips like red children’s drinks and wine need the help of Chem-Dry’s arsenal of solutions for specialized stain removal. Also, please ask about Chem-Dry’s Carpet Protectant to keep your carpet looking fresh between cleanings.
Whatever kind of cleaning you might need, American Chem-Dry is always the superior carpet cleaner for the Round Rock, Georgetown or Cedar Park area. Be sure to explore our other services as well, such as upholstery cleaning and rug cleaning, for a complete healthy home.